For registration for the 100MKMK 2019 event please use the following enrollment form:


The information marked with * is mandatory. After submitting the enrollment form you will receive an e-mail with start fee payment instructions. The list of registered participants is being updated every 5-7 days.

Start fee (the given start fee amounts are valid from 1. July 2019):

  • COURSE A: 50 €
  • COURSE B: 45 €
  • COURSE C: 35 €

The participants from countries other then Slovakia or Czech republic can pay the start fee also at start place. The start fee amount is depending then on the registration date.

Participation cancellation and start fee transfer:

In case of participation cancellation until 31. July 2019 the the start fee will be reimbursed to the participant excluding the 6 € cancellation fee. The start fee can be also transferred to another participant (until 12. August 2019).